New rambles of the mind

Hey there!

Something new cometh; a good luck charm for a friend of mine.
He will be concluding his masters degree this week and I wanted to wish him the best of luck, so what other way is there for a hopeless dreamer but to draw something.



Ye honor overfloweth

My good friend René van Munster released a track for you all to download and enjoy!
The ‘cover’ was made by me, especially for this song.

I made the 10ung3 vore R3n3 song for him a couple of years back,
now he did the same for me!
He named it ”Grabbster’s Theme”, after my ‘nom de jeu'; Grabbster.
This pseudonym was introduced to me when I was very young. My cousin played
Secret of Evermore on my SNES and randomly punched in a name.
”Grabbster… holy cow/pickles what a cool name…”
I really looked up to that guy when I was but a wee dreamer, so the name stuck.
Not realising, at the time, that it sounded slightly pervy.
Which is not at all what I intend to radiate with a name, but by the time I realised this,
it had already grown on me.

Anyway, I’d like to thank René for dedicating this to me and for keeping the mutual
inspiration thing going!  I had a lot of fun listening to this awesome song on repeat
to get in the mood for drawing the cover.

If you like this or other songs by René van Munster, you can support him by
following him on soundcloud or by buying one of his songs!


A first time for everything

Hello good people of the world.

Well, isn’t this an exiting development, my very own digital biotope (version 2)!
A place to share my thoughts about the road we collectively travel,
to post new pieces I’ve been working on and list music that I, my friends and
people that inspire me, make.

I do not really care whether the drawings I post here are ‘serious’ or sketches or
even random, for me it is about sharing and shattering my personal walls of hermit-ism.
Let this be a positive process for all involved, dear reader.

If I stumble upon some profound insight, or something else which requires linguistic
nuance, I may write about it in Dutch.
My grasp of the English language is adequate and most of the posts will be in English but it may happen.

All in all, it’s a good thing that the site is finally up and I’m striving for the cultivation of much discipline
(insert kungfu/Guy sensei joke here) to keep you guys up to date on all the brainfarts and general goings on, ok?

Until next time, see you soon
(who is seeing who, actually, in this scenario?)